Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blunt Advice About Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are hard to get.

It takes a good few years to complete an apprenticeship and it is rare for a tattooist to want to take on an apprentice as so many do not complete the training.

It takes a lot of time and effort from both parties and puts a strain on the tattoo studio as it may take a year or more before the apprentice can earn money. It is a HUGE commitment.

If you are still interested;

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH! Internet, books, conventions etc. Do not contact the tattooist asking for advice, there is loads out there and it shows your interest and commitment if you go and find it for yourself.
  • PORTFOLIO! Put your heart and soul in to it. Put everything in, include different types of art and media. Make it stand out, we see a handful a week, make yours worth looking at.
  • GET TATTOOED! Get lots of tattoos, no one will take a non- tattooed apprentice seriously.
  • LOOK THE PART! Make an effort with your appearance, go to the tattoo shop you want to work at, be polite, ask questions and get tattooed.
  • ACCEPT REJECTION! Most shops will already have an apprentice or they do not want one. If this is really what you want to do you will need to accept that there may be a lot of rejection along the way.
If you're determined, take on board all these points, keep visiting your chosen studio and make them realise you could be a loyal, hard working employee and an asset to them. Accept the criticism, advice and feedback you get, improve your drawing and artwork and maybe they will change their mind and make you a part of their team.

Just remember, this is a hard industry to get in to. Every tattooist works differently so make sure you have done your research and chosen the right artist for you.

Tattooing is a lifestyle, not a part-time practice or flight of fancy and, if you really want it, it is worth the effort!

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