Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Halloween Horror Hole!

So after the overwhelming success of Friday the 13th, where we offered customers the following choices;

Option 1. The customer can pick the artist, placement, and the design from the sheet the artist has drawn, but you won’t see the designs till the day.

Option 2. The customer can pick the artist and have a chat about preferred design and placement, your artist will decide final design, style and colour.

Option 3. The customer picks the artist….. That’s it!

Whichever option, the customer did not see the final tattoo till the end, 

We decided to do it all again for Halloween!

We announced the available spaces one morning and by the afternoon over half the appointments were taken!! The appointments filled up quickly and before we knew it we had 27 people booked in for one day! We opened on Saturday 29th with an air of excitement and, as Halloween is our favourite holiday in the shop, everyone was in fancy dress and the shop was decorated to the max!

As our customers arrived the air of excitement grew and with lots of cheesy horror films playing in the studio the day got underway. Once again our tattooists worked their creative little butts off and produced some awesome tattoos, every customer left smiling and happy with an original piece of art on them.

Something like this wouldn't be possible without the level of belief and trust our customers put in to our tattooists, they are the guys that really make it great and the reason we work so hard.

I'm sure we'll be doing something just as awesome again soon...stay tuned!!

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